What is the Average Age and Disability Level of Older People Moving Into Long-Term Care?,” by Greg Glasgow, U. of Colorado School of Medicine

“After crunching the numbers, Lam found that the mean age for people entering care facilities is 84, and their entry is typically preceded by months of severe disability and escalating caretaking at home, typically by unpaid family members. The average person moving into a nursing home is already severely disabled and receiving about 27 hours a week of care for at least one month, he found. Severe disability means they have a lot of difficulty or someone is already helping them with three activities of daily living, like getting dressed, bathing, and moving around inside their home. Older adults moving into assisted living are less likely to be severely disabled but are receiving 18 hours a week of care.”


LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

Good question and reasonable answer. Can you read that and not think “what can I do to get in front of that risk?”