What are fraternal benefits societies?

A new consumer-approved video helps explain how a fraternal benefits society like Thrivent is different from other types of insurers. This video will also help you with some talking points as you discuss who Thrivent is and how the company is built to serve our policyholders, not shareholders.

Thrivent Fraternal Benefit Society Consumer Video

The shareable link is: https://video.thrivent.com/view/2EKQQJcg59pl8qeUdZTmWb

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Thrivent 101 – Understanding the basics of a fraternal benefit society

Thrivent 101 - Understanding the basics of a fraternal benefit societyBeing a fraternal benefit society makes Thrivent unique in the LTCi space, but how does one explain a fraternal insurer to their clients? This producer reference piece breaks it down so you can help clients understand the fraternal difference.

  • Thrivent is a fraternal benefit society. How do you explain that to a client?
  • The importance of verifying that a client is Christian (or is married to one) before they apply, and how to have that conversation.
  • Does a producer have to be Christian to offer this product?
  • Is Thrivent a Christian organization?
  • How strong is Thrivent?

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