“Washington’s long-term care program still flawed as new tax looms”

Washington’s long-term care program still flawed as new tax looms,” by Kris Johnson, Kitsap Sun

“The Long-Term Services and Supports Trust Commission issued a series of recommendations this winter to improve the program. The group suggested changes to allow people who work in Washington and move out of state to take their benefits with them. They also proposed clarifications to how long someone has to work to qualify for benefits and a pilot project for implementation. And the group recommended new options for private insurance to supplement WA Cares. But lawmakers in Olympia ignored the group’s recommendations. No long-term care bill even received a hearing. It’s clear legislators had other priorities, but that doesn’t mean long-term care isn’t important. It’s not fair to ask Washington employees to pay into a poorly designed and flawed program they may never see benefits from. Come July, there will be an unwelcome surprise when paychecks shrink.”

LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

Washington State lawmakers refuse to take “no!” for an answer from voters, business owners and taxpayers. The one good thing about this state-level “experiment” is that its failure may prevent a bigger mistake along the same lines at the federal level.