Updated Mutualcare Solutions E-App Guide – Available Now

Note Important new changes to the MutualCare Solutions E-App guide. In an effort to protect data, there is an update in the LTC eSignature Authentication process;

When the client clicks the link from the email, they must authenticate themselves by entering certain fields. Now, there is a limit on the number of times the client may attempt to authenticate.

  1. If the client fails to successfully answer the authentication prompts 5 times in a row, he/she will be “locked out”.
    Mutual of Omaha | LTC e-App client authentication error notification
  2. At this point, producer or the upline may unlock the client’s access by re-sending the signature email.
  3. After the producer/upline has unlocked the client’s access, the client may attempt authentication 5 times before getting locked out again. The producer/upline can unlock access as many times as necessary. The goal here is not to permanently lock out the client, just to deter a bad actor by requiring the producer/upline to get involved after a certain number of failures.

The producer and upline will be contacted via email when the client has locked themselves out.

The updated guide is available to view/download through SPA or can be ordered through your normal channels.

If you have questions, please contact your Account Executive or Sales Director.

Updated Mutualcare Solutions E-App Guide – Available Now