Two Policies, Same Great Features

Both policies in the MutualCare Solutions portfolio provide coverage for home health care, as well as care received in an assisted living facility and nursing home. They also contain many of the same features and benefits.

Cash Benefit with No Elimination Period
    • Provides cash to pay for any cost associated with LTC expenses

Monthly Benefit Amount
    • Allows greater flexibility to maximize policy benefits

Calendar-Day Elimination Period
    • Provides reimbursement benefits sooner

Stay-at-Home Benefit
    • Includes multiple benefits to help people stay at home as long as possible

Low Inflation Protection Options
    • Allows you to reach a client’s desired premium

Partner-Friendly Benefits
    • Includes benefits for partners who purchase identical coverage

Partnership-Qualified Policies
    • Gives LTCi policyholders a Medicaid safety net

No Cap on Premium Allowances
    • Provides maximum savings by giving clients all allowances they’re eligible to receive
The MutualCare® Solutions Portfolio Overview provides a side-by-side comparison of the two policy options.

Two Policies, Same Great Features