Top LTC Producers with Mutual of Omaha

Under a Palmetto Moon

You and your guest will experience a once in a lifetime trip to enchanting Charleston, and you’ll do it in the lap of luxury. You’ll stay in the award-winning Hotel Bennett in the heart of the city, eat seafood that was in the ocean earlier that day and soak up enough sunshine and Southern hospitality to have you saying “y’all” for months. That’s living life Under a palmetto moon. You don’t want to miss it.


Be one of the top 10 long-term care producers to have at least 150,000 incentive credits with a minimum placement rate of 60%.


  • Business must be placed (in force) by December 31, 2023.
  • Mutual of Omaha will determine who qualifies for the trip after January 20, 2024.


  • All traditional individual long-term care products underwritten by Mutual of Omaha count toward qualification for this incentive.
  • You will earn one (1.2) incentive credit for each $1 of ANBP.


  • The incentive trip is for writing individual long-term care producers only.
  • You must be an active writing producer who is actively representing Mutual of Omaha and in good standing with
    Mutual of Omaha’s Regulatory Affairs at the time of the trip.
  • Mutual of Omaha reserves the right to change, limit or cancel any program rule or award at any time.
  • Although eligibility for an invitation is based on production requirements during 2023, the invitation will be provided during 2024. The costs of incentive travel will be reported to you as taxable income on IRS Form 1099. Costs include air travel, lodging, gifts and any cash or cash spending allowances, if applicable.
  • You may not delay incentive travel
  • Business must be placed Annualized New Business Premium (ANBP) on new business minus any ANBP chargebacks resulting from first-year cancellations.

The LTC Crown Club

Get the royal treatment in the VIP program exclusively for our top long-term care producers. If you place among our top 10 long-term care producers in 2023, you will gain top-tier access to LTC resources as a member of the LTC Crown Club. Perks include:

  • Quarterly calls with Mutual of Omaha leadership and direct access to your own concierge team
  • Top-priority status assignment on your cases with overnight delivery of policies upon issue
  • Exclusive access to special underwriting quote and case management status lines

Top LTC Producers with Mutual of Omaha