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Consumer-Oriented Infographics

Designed to elicit a response from consumers, these 6 infographics can be used
in email signatures, on social media, or on agent websites.

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As more and more consumers become tech-savvy, it is important to utilize social media, email and websites to keep the LTC conversation going. The GoldenCare design team has put together 6 consumer infographics for your use.
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Did you know that 50% of people requiring long-term care services are under the age of 65?1

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Did you know: Tax-Qualified Long-Term Care insurance policies are available?  And that you may qualify for a tax deduction based on premiums paid…1

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Did you know: On average, women need care (3.7 years) longer than med (2.2 years)? 1

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One-third of today’s 65 year-olds may never need long-term care support, but 20 percent will need it for longer than 5 years.1

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The national average cost of a semi-private nursing home room is $6,692/month.2

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Family caregivers in the U.S. provided 37 billion hours of care – worth an estimated $470 billion – to their loved ones in 2013.3

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1.  – Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,, October 2014
2.  – Source: Genworth Cost of Care Study 2015
3.  – Source: Valuing the Invaluable: 2015 Update, AARP Public Policy Institute, July 2015