Thrivent media campaign raising brand awareness

New marketing campaign features clients telling their stories

The Follow Your Heart marketing campaign celebrates clients who are having a positive impact in their communities, thanks to Thrivent’s differentiated offerings.

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Video: Dr. Artika Tyner, a law professor and author
who promotes diversity in books and childhood literacy.

Six Thrivent clients are featured in our new Follow Your Heart marketing campaign to drive awareness of Thrivent. It’s the first time we’ve put real clients at the center of an advertising campaign.

Each client story features Thrivent’s holistic advice and financial products, plus stories about clients engaging with our generosity programs.

The Follow Your Heart campaign runs at least through the end of the year, with each of the clients’ stories taking a turn in the spotlight. The ads will appear via various channels including social media, TV and Google search.

These videos can be shared with prospects and clients to help them understand the Thrivent difference.

The shareable link is:

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Watch for more Follow Your Heart videos in the coming weeks, or visit to learn more.

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