Thrivent LTCi – Updates to eApp

eApps are already starting to come in from Thrivent’s recently launched iGo tool. Please note a few updates designed to make the process smoother.

  1. Thrivent has created a video walkthrough of the eApp, where the Product Development team also walks producers through the built-in illustration system.

    Click here for the Thrivent eApp Video Walkthrough

  2. Thrivent has also revised the User Guide and Illustration guide to provide more clarity.
    • User Guide updates:
      • Representative’s Information (Page 17) Updated to clarify that when entering your Thrivent Agent Code, just enter the last 5 digits of your Thrivent ID – exclude the F0 part of your ID – as the system only excepts 5 characters
      • Technical support contact changed to iPipeline (Page 26).
    • Illustration Guide updates:
      • Technical support contact changed to iPipeline (Page 20).

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