The Next Steps After Submitting the Application

Mutual of Omaha | Next Steps in the LTC Application ProcessPreparation is the key to a successful health interview.
You just completed a long-term care application. Before ending the conversation, make sure your clients know what happens next.

Preparing clients for the underwriting process can go a long way toward ensuring their applications get issued. Why? An interviewer may mistakenly assume confused applicants have cognitive issues that make them uninsurable. When in reality, an applicant may simply be distracted or not fully prepared to answer questions about their health, their doctors and their medications.

Mutual of Omaha has a handy leave-behind brochure you can use to walk your clients through the next steps in the underwriting process and help them prepare for the health interview. Taking a few extra minutes to explain the process and help clients gather and record the information they’ll need can be the key to a positive underwriting outcome.

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The Next Steps After Submitting the Application