“The irony of long-term care advocacy”

The irony of long-term care advocacy,” by Stephen A. Moses, McKnight’s LTC News



“Long-term care faces a world of hurt. The COVID pandemic worsened the profession’s chronic long-term problems including revenue shortfalls, caregiver shortages and wage pressures. Researchers, operators and policymakers ask ‘What should be done?’ … No wonder long-term care and senior housing face so many problems. With the goal of reducing individual risk, we ceded responsibility for planning, saving, insuring and funding senior care to the government, which is singularly incapable to do the job. No one cares more about personal well-being than the individual human being him or herself. The more we rely on individuals to take care of themselves and the less we depend on collective coercion to achieve that objective, the better off long-term care will be.”


LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

News today that the WA Cares plan to impose payroll taxes to prefund a long-term care trust has been delayed. This is more proof (if we needed it) that the public disdains government coercion in service of elites’ goals. Read today’s LTC Bullet: Square the LTC Circle for our proposed compromise solution.