GoldenCare Agent

GoldenCare’s Value-Added Differences

Are you brand new to the insurance business and Long Term Care insurance and realize there is a lot to learn?

Are you are an experienced Long Term Care insurance agent and you just want to increase your knowledge and your sales ability?  GoldenCare has created a set of programs and tools that will help you be more successful.

Long Term Care insurance selling tools makes the LTC CEO a great tool for agents.

Care Options Online
CareOptions is your go-to source for countless, valuable healthcare and wellness resources, interactive health assessment tools, care planning solutions, unbiased information on the health and wellness topics that matter to you, and much more.

Enhanced Lead Program
To support the success of our agents, we’ve partnered with Enhanced Insurance to offer a new online-based Lead Generator for long-term care and Medicare.
The internet is a great place to find insurance information – and now one of the first sites potential clients will see can feature YOUR name and contact information!

Discounted E&O Program
Errors & Omissions (“E & O”) coverage shields you from unexpected legal actions and serial litigators when selling a variety of important insurance products. GoldenCare makes this valuable coverage available to agents through Arthur J. Gallager, with the ability to obtain renewal discounts on the next year’s premium!

The A2 Agency Builder
A producer group that combines the skills of recruiters and producers to maximize the income opportunity to all members. Developed by LTCi industry leaders for any agent that deals in the pre-retirement and senior market.