Tele-Underwriting for AnnuiCare® Starts Today

AnnuiCare Tele-Underwriting

When AnnuiCare® launched in 1999, it was the first tax-qualified asset-based long-term care and annuity combo in the industry. Twenty years later, though many competitors have pulled their LTC offerings or increased premiums, our LTC premium rates remain unchanged and sales continue to grow.

What’s different now is our tele-underwriting process which, in most cases provides an immediate underwriting decision.
While your client is in your office, follow these easy steps:

  1. Review the pre-interview checklist here. If the applicant can honestly answer ‘No’ to all seven questions, proceed to the tele-underwriting step.
  2. Call 888-390-5824 and an experienced, non-clinical interviewer will ask your client about their general health, medications, daily activities, any assistive devices used, and a few simple memory activity questions. The interview takes approximately 20 minutes. At the end of the call, the interviewer will immediately tell you whether to proceed to take the application or if the applicant is not approved. Obtain helpful guides for you and your clients here.
  3. For approved applicants, complete the application and necessary forms and submit to GILICO.

View the updated AnnuiCare® Marketing Guide for more details about the product, along with answers to common questions. Access additional online resources or contact our Business Partner Support Team at 800-535-8110 for any AnnuiCare® support you may need.

Please remember that the state required LTC product and CE training must be current before you may solicit an AnnuiCare® application.

Tele-Underwriting for AnnuiCare® Starts Today