Strength and Stability You Can Count On

Over the past month you have probably seen a lot of product announcements from many carriers who are required to adjust their illustrations and products to comply with the new AG-49 revisions. You may be wondering when the Mutual of Omaha announcement would show up and here it is:
no changes required.” We do not need to make any changes to our indexed universal life (IUL) product portfolio or illustration software, we are already compliant.

From the very beginning, we structured our IUL products to stand the test of time by building them with the lowest cost structure – no hidden multipliers, bonuses or special calculations allowing them to perform even in a low credited environment.

With our IULs, what you see is what you get:

  • Strong, stable company offering one of the lowest cost-structures in the IUL marketplace
  • Simple and transparent design that you can explain, with monthly published historical performance of the IULs
  • Flexible, customer focused riders to meet clients’ individual needs

Now is the perfect time for you to offer your clients a policy and illustration that they can count on with IULs from United of Omaha.

For questions or additional information, contact your sales director or account executive for immediate assistance.

Strength and Stability You Can Count On