Streamlining Electronic Sales with eApp

OneAmerica | Applications Made Easy with eApp

New enhancements to our eApp process are making it easier for you to submit new business with OneAmerica®. These new features and deep-dive resources are built to improve your virtual workspace experience as you continue to grow your business. They add value to your time while developing efficiencies in our current virtual environment.

you can:

  1. Obtain signatures electronically.
  2. Run illustrations to prefill applications.
  3. Automatically order LTCG tele-interview.
  4. Eliminate application errors, no NIGOs.
  5. Reduce processing time by two to five days.

Place your order with one click!

Part II Medical Interview imageNo more calls for tele-interview orders! The new auto-order button automatically places your order with just one click. Your client will receive an email with a link to schedule their interview.

Resources available to you now
The application submission process follows an intuitive path when you do it through our eApp. Watch this video for a step-by-step breakdown of our process. We also have compiled tips for you to consider before submitting your applications.

Remember you have an option to gather signatures when your clients can’t meet in person. Using our eSignature Process can save you and your clients time. Watch this video to learn how to use eSignatures to help you move business forward

On top of that, we offer the ability to deliver policies electronically. You can learn more about our ePolicy delivery here.

We are constantly working to streamline our processes to improve your new business experience. If you have any questions or feedback, please give the OneAmerica Team a call at 844-833-5520.