“A solution to the crisis in long-term care? The Big Story”

A solution to the crisis in long-term care? The Big Story,” by Cathrin Bradbury, City News

“Ask anyone how they want to spend their final years, and nobody will say “in a long-term care facility.” And that was true ever before the pandemic showed us just how awful they can be. Most people want to grow old in their own home, but many of them simply can’t access the care they need as they age. What if there was a way to meet in the middle of those two problems? A solution that would ease the burden on LTC facilities, while also keeping more seniors in their own homes, receiving proper care? What if we were already doing it—just not doing anywhere near enough of it?”


LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

This is an interesting 20-minute video about a creative LTC option being tried in Toronto. Not a solution to the LTC crisis by any stretch but worth a view all the same.