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There are many reasons why clients should create a long-term care strategy. One message that has resonated well with consumers, is on the tax advantages of planning with long-term care insurance. Premiums might be deductible, claims are paid tax-free and some states offer tax incentives for LTCi policyholders.

These tools are designed to help you share news on these tax advantages with your clients.

LTCi Tax Deductibility Guide
Updated with 2023 amounts

Many clients are not aware that LTC benefits are paid 100% tax-free, but some or all of the premiums might be deductible. Share the consumer-approved guide with the new 2023 tax deductible amounts.
State Tax-Incentives Reference Guide
Many states offer tax incentives to those who include long-term care insurance (LTCi) in their extended-care planning. We have prepared a state-by-state listing of some of the tax deductions, credits and exclusions available.

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