“The seven most important questions about Medicaid”

The seven most important questions about Medicaid,” by Kate Silburn, My Prime Time News

“I recommend to my clients that they start Medicaid planning when they’re still in good health and not in imminent need of long-term care. The five-year lookback period makes this particularly important. This can be as young as in their 60s. As part of the planning, I can put in place vehicles for asset protection such as trusts so that this money is exempt from counting toward your Medicaid limit. … You can apply for Medicaid independently. If you want more support with this complex application, an attorney can be helpful. However, where an attorney really proves their value is in planning for future Medicaid applications. I can help you avoid any financial missteps that would render you ineligible for Medicaid and make sure that if and when you do need to apply, your financial situation meets the requirements.”



LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

Thousands of lawyers like this one hustle LTC welfare for big billable hours, but “progressive” analysts rarely admit these shysters exist and never quantify their impact.