September: It’s the Perfect Time to Protect Your Clients

When it comes to protecting clients’ loved ones, we have the products you can count on.

As you head into Life Insurance Awareness Month, here are a few reasons for you to choose Mutual of Omaha.

  • Income Advantage IUL offers clients death benefit protection with income potential. It features competitive cap rates and strong index loan provisions
  • Our new Life Protection Advantage IUL dominates much of the full-pay IUL market when carrying the product to age 120 at conservative interest rates. And, if the client chooses to pay slightly more than the premium projected to carry the policy to age 120, they will be eligible to receive two additional guarantees: the long-term no lapse protection guarantee and the guaranteed refund option rider
  • Our Term Life Answers is especially competitive for clients ages 30 – 60 and has leading Preferred Plus and Preferred Nontobacco rates. It also offers liberal term conversion opportunities for clients to convert to any fully-underwritten permanent policy offered at the time – and the agents get full commission on the conversion as long as the policy has been in force for 12 months
  • We have a full line-up of simplified issue products which allows agents to get business issued quickly. And we’ve recently enhanced our Term Life Express non-ROP product with Living Benefits for Critical, Chronic and Terminal Illness at no additional cost

And, don’t forget, we still use Age Last Birthday pricing.

Have a great Life Insurance Awareness Month!

September: It’s the Perfect Time to Protect Your Clients