“Send Us Your Questions About Paying for Long-Term Care”

“Send Us Your Questions About Paying for Long-Term Care,” by Richard Eisenberg, NextAvenue

“So send us the questions you have regarding Medicare, Medicaid and long-term care costs (you can do so below). We’ll read all the questions we receive and then, in an upcoming article, answer the most popular concerns.”

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):

Here are some suggested questions to ask:

  • Why can people protect hundreds of thousands of dollars in home equity while receiving Medicaid LTC benefits?
  • Is it right that spouses of Medicaid recipients in New York and Florida can “just say no” to sharing costs?
  • Medicaid allows special spousal annuities that shelter hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is that proper for a safety net program?
  • Isn’t it true that people with high incomes qualify for Medicaid LTC if their medical and LTC expenses are also high?
  • Why expect people to plan and insure for long-term care when Medicaid pays the vast majority of the bills?

Send Us Your Questions About Paying for Long-Term Care