“Sen. Grassley Demands Scrutiny Of Medicare Advantage Plans,” by Fred Schulte, Kaiser Health News

“Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wants federal health officials to tighten scrutiny of private Medicare Advantage health plans amid ongoing concern that insurers overbill the government by billions of dollars every year. . . . Grassley cited reports by the Center for Public Integrity that improper payments to Medicare Advantage plans cost taxpayers as much as $70 billion from 2008 to 2013. He said that CMS’ estimate that it had overpaid the five health plans $128 million ‘appears low and could very well be just the tip of the iceberg.’”

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):
Wouldn’t it be nice to see comparable scrutiny aimed at traditional Medicare whose trillions of dollars of unfunded liability doom it to fail?

Sen. Grassley Demands Scrutiny Of Medicare Advantage Plans