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LTC CEO Sales and Training Tools

A Complete Set of Tools to Help You Succeed in Long-Term Care Insurance

LTC CEO Sales & Training Tools Are For You
If you are brand-new to the insurance business, and Long-Term Care Insurance, and realize there is still a lot to learn.
If you are an experienced Long-Term Care Insurance agent, and just want to increase your knowledge and sales ability.

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Shortening the learning curve is one attractive reason why agents new to long-term care like the LTC CEO. Experienced agents find that the third-party credibility factor, combined with the resources at their fingertips, makes the LTC CEO an essential part of their marketing tools.

To watch a short video on Mark Randall’s 2011 Medicaid Calculator, Click Here.
By far, the Medicaid Calculator is the most widely used LTC CEO tool – it makes Medicaid explanations easy! This innovative calculator effectively shows clients what their spend-down might look like without long-term care insurance. Using the Income Calculation segment, clients will be able to see why long-term care is a critical risk they really need to cover.

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