Reminder: Illumifin Has Updated Their Email Address Domain


Please note that Illumifin has changed its email address domain from to All emails sent to illumifin employees using “” will be forwarded to the domain until August 21st, 2024. On this date, the email domain will shut down permanently and emails will no longer be forwarded.

The format of illumifin employee email addresses has also changed. There will no longer be a period in-between the first and last name within the email address. For example, any email that would originally be sent to should now be addressed to

Helpful Tip: A helpful feature is available when using Outlook for emails. Once you’ve sent an initial email to an illumifin employee using the new domain, Outlook provides the option to delete the old domain from your populated email addresses. When crafting your next email, click the “to” line and hover over the list of populated names. You can click the “x” to the right of the domains and delete them from the populated list.

For any questions, please contact:

Reminder: Illumifin Has Updated Their Email Address Domain