Reminder: Agent Guidelines for Multiple-State Sales

Licensing, Appointment and Product Guidelines

For Long Term Care insurance, the policy will be issued based on the insured’s resident state and policy delivery is required in the same state. Consequently, the soliciting agent must also be licensed and appointed in the state in which solicitation occurs, and if different, also in the resident/delivery state of the insured.

Agents should only solicit a prospective insured under circumstances in which the policy form being solicited is filed and approved in the state in which it is to be delivered, which in the case of LTCI is the resident state of the insured.

Even though only a small percentage of applications are received in which the solicitation and delivery/owner resident state are different, you should be aware of the requirements in both states and be prepared to comply with them. Your compliance also helps us process cases more efficiently and may help protect you from possible state action for conducting business without a proper license or appointment.

Please remember, state requirements vary. As a result, two-state transactions should be started only after determining applicable licensing/appointment requirements. Click here for a list of pre-appointment states.

Reminder: Agent Guidelines for Multiple-State Sales