“Release of ‘Long-Term Care: The Solution”

“Release of ‘Long-Term Care: The Solution,’” by Brian Blase, Paragon Health Institute

“Today, Paragon is releasing an important new report, Long-Term Care: The Solution, authored by Stephen Moses. …

Policy Suggestions
Medicaid LTC should be restored as a safety net for indigent elderly people. Lawmakers should eliminate the ability to access publicly funded LTC while preserving wealth. This paper details seven options to empower younger and middle-age Americans to meet a new, publicized individual LTC planning responsibility. This would unleash wealth currently unused for LTC that remains locked in home equity, individual retirement accounts, life insurance, and estates and reorient the LTC system to cater to seniors’ desires to age in their homes rather than in institutions.”

LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

For the full picture, read Long-Term Care: The Problem and this new report “Long-Term Care: The Solution” together. Now, let’s get to work and make it happen.