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Insurance Benefits for Confinement in a
Nursing Home, Assisted Living Facility or
in Your Client’s Home

Recover Cash is now available in Kentucky on GTL’s Agent Portal and available soon on the e-App!

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company has reinvented Recover Cash Short-Term Care Insurance to not only help cover out-of-pocket expenses when receiving short-term care, but also to provide innovative support and cash benefits for family caregivers provided by TCARE!
Special note for Recover Cash in Kentucky: The Home Health Care and Adult Day Care Services Benefit Rider must be at least 3.5 times the base Nursing Home Benefit amount.

For example – $200/day of base Nursing Home Benefit means that the Home Health Care/Caregiver Rider must be $700/day.

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Who is TCARE?

Watch a short message about TCARE’s history and innovative caregiver support solutions from TCARE’s CEO, Ali Ahmadi.

GTL Recover Cash - Who is TCARE?

Where Short-Term Care Meets Support
for Your Client’s Loved Ones

Family Caregiver Support Plus Cash Benefits!

Offered through GTL’s Home Health Care Rider, TCARE’s Family Concierge Service is designed to support your client’s loved ones and prevent caregiver burnout.

What is Caregiver Burnout?




Current State Availability

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View Kentucky Digital Product Brochure


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