Quote LTC with WinFlex Web

NOTE: This communication was sent to Mutual of Omaha agents not affiliated with GoldenCare or American Independent Marketing (AIM). Agents with their Mutual of Omaha LTC appointments through GoldenCare and/or AIM may continue using the MutualCare® Solutions Desktop Software to generate premium quotes.


Beginning January 1, 2024, MutualCare Solutions Desktop software will no longer be available to quote our long-term care products. If you are still using the MutualCare Solutions Desktop Software to quote our products, we encourage you to transition to the WinFlex Web platform as soon as possible.

WinFlex Web is free to run quotes and on December 13, 2023, when you visit WinFlex Web you will notice our illustrations have a fresh new look. We appreciate the feedback you have provided and have incorporated it into newly designed illustrations for a better experience for you and your clients.

If you haven’t already registered for WinFlex Web you can find instructions here.

If you have any questions regarding our products or designing a case using the WinFlex Web illustration software, please contact your Sales Director or Account Executive.

Quote LTC with WinFlex Web