Does Putting Your Home in a Trust Protect It From Medicaid?,” by Patrick Villanova, Yahoo!Finance

“Today, Paragon is releasing an important new report, Long-Term Care: The Solution, authored by Stephen Moses. …

Policy Suggestions

“An individual can protect their assets from Medicaid, including their home, by placing them into a trust. Essentially, the assets become owned by the trust and not by the individual. This mechanism can decrease the individual’s asset count for Medicaid eligibility, presenting a way to potentially conserve wealth and secure necessary medical care. However, like all decisions, this presents benefits and potential risks. Involving a financial advisor in navigating these complexities helps to balance asset protection and accessibility to medical care.”


LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

This kind of advice is omnipresent on the Web, yet economists and LTC analysts pretend it doesn’t exist. If you want to know the truth and the consequences, read “Long-Term Care: The Problem” and “Long-Term Care: The Solution.”