Put DI to Work with the Help of Social Media

Utilize the powerful tool of social media to help educate consumers on the benefits of disability income insurance. To help you spread the word to your attorney, dentist, optometrist and veterinarian connections, we’ve created a group of social posts that highlight how disability income insurance can provide income protection customized to their needs.

Mutual of Omaha | MIS Target Occupation FlyerHere’s what to do:

  1. Make sure you’re on LinkedIn — and your profile is up-to-date before you start posting
  2. Click here to review the post options and instructions
  3. Make sure to save the post images with a name and location you’ll remember
  4. Have your LinkedIn homepage open and ready to go before copying the approved content from the instruction flyer

Need more inspiration for what to post on social? Visit the Mutual of Omaha Brokerage Sales LinkedIn page and Facebook group!

P.S.: Don’t forget to save this flyer to your computer so you can promote all the industries you work with.

Put DI to Work with the Help of Social Media