Prospect New Clients with This New Postcard

The products in the Critical Advantage Portfolio; Critical Illness insurance, Cancer insurance & Heart Attack/Stroke insurance, are designed with your client’s recovery in mind. Now, you can reach potential clients with the new prospecting postcard.

Most people know someone who has been diagnosed with one of the conditions covered by the Critical Advantage products, so your clients understand the need for this coverage. All products offer a lump-sum payment upon diagnosis that can used for any out-of-pocket expense they may have. Expenses such as high insurance deductibles, replacing lost income or travel for specialized treatment.

You can view the postcard here or by clicking below. It is available to order through your normal ordering channels.

Mutual of Omaha Critical Advantage Prospecting Postcard image

If you have any questions, please contact your Sales Director.

Prospect New Clients with This New Postcard