Prescreening LTCi Applicants is Always a Good Idea

Did You Know?
No one wants to tell a client their LTCi application has been declined or their policy must be rated up. Let Mutual of Omaha help you avoid these awkward conversations.

Prescreening your LTCi applications is the best way to know what rate class to quote or even whether the case should be submitted. Mutual of Omaha makes prescreening fast and easy. They offer this guarantee: send an email to and you’ll have a response in four hours.

Be sure to include information like:

  • Dates of doctors’ visits
  • Specialty physicians the client may be seeing
  • Pending surgeries or lab tests
  • Medications the client is taking
  • Current health and activity level
  • Whether the client has been declined for LTCi coverage by another carrier

Remember the more you can tell the Mutual of Omaha underwriting team the better the chance for a positive underwriting outcome.

Prescreening LTCi Applicants is Always a Good Idea