Pandemic Drives Federal Share of State Revenue to Record High,” by Rebecca Thiess, Laura Pontari, and Justin Theal, PEW


“Historically, the federal share of 50-state revenue has ranged from about one-quarter to one-third. The highest share prior to fiscal 2020 occurred just after the 2007-09 recession, when a temporary influx of federal economic stimulus dollars and falling state tax revenue caused the federal share of states’ revenue to reach 35.5% in fiscal 2010 and 34.7% in fiscal 2011. Outside of the federal response to recent economic downturns, Medicaid—which accounts for about two-thirds of federal grants to states—has been a major driver of the long-term growth of the federal share. … Wyoming reported the highest percentage of state revenue from federal funds (56.3%).”


LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

What did Wyoming do for us federal taxpayers to deserve such a windfall?