Our DI is Better Than Ever for Higher Earning Clients

Disability income insurance is protection put in place prior to a disabling accident or illness that helps clients cover their income if they’re unable to work. Mutual of Omaha’s Mutual Income Solutions product is perfectly positioned to go to work for your most affluent clients.

This product offers:

  • A maximum monthly benefit amount of $20,000
  • The addition of a non-cancelable policy type
  • Optional benefits like Return of Premium and Cash Value Benefit

Put DI to Work
To help you target and identify more affluent clients, we’re launching a campaign designed to highlight three specific occupations that are a perfect fit for Mutual Income Solutions: attorneys, physicians and business owners (including optometrists and veterinarians).
Our Targeted Approach
Positioning disability income insurance to attorneys, physicians and business owners means you are likely speaking with individuals who have invested extended time and energy into their education and career. These individuals have a greater awareness of the need for income protection.

Additionally, these industries:

  • Have median individual incomes of $100k or more
  • Are often specialty fields that can become a center of influence (COI) for agents
  • Include the possibility of product discounts like the Association, Common Employer or Self-Employed discounts

Start putting DI to Work today by reviewing the Mutual Income Solutions product details here.

Our DI is Better Than Ever for Higher Earning Clients