OneAmerica® Expands Joint Asset Care Offering

OneAmerica® Expands Joint Asset Care Offering

Effective July 26, 2023, the joint option on OneAmerica Asset Care will include the 4% acceleration option. Just like the clients we mutually serve, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to long-term care protection. The addition of a 75-month shared benefit pool expands our ability to provide meaningful and flexible benefit options for cost-conscious clients, and our unique lifetime benefit will now be more affordable in many situations.

For details, please review I-31591 Care Solutions Product Guide. (The 75-month option currently is not available in California, however.)

OneAmerica is committed to continually improving the new business experience for you and your clients when applying for the protection they need. If you have any additional questions about the Care Solutions product portfolio, please contact your Care Solutions regional sales director or internal sales partner at 844-833-5520.

Transition Rules
If desired, pending joint cases can be converted to the 4% acceleration upon request and submission of a new illustration.

Cases issued on or after July 1, 2023, can be reissued upon request and submission of a new illustration. Requests must be received by your case manager no later than Aug. 31, 2023. The illustration will not require a client signature.

Lifetime Benefit Resources
OneAmerica is the only asset-based company to offer lifetime coverage for individuals and couples. Choosing a long-term care strategy with an unlimited lifetime benefit can help protect your clients and their families no matter what. Supporting assets are available to help you share videos on social media, through email or in presentations. Find it all at our Lifetime Protection campaign page.