OmniFlex™ — Welcome to the Future of Short-Term Care

We knew 2023 would be a banner year, especially as we awaited the official launch of the highly-anticipated OmniFlex™ Short-Term Care plan!

It’s Finally Here!

Exciting New OmniFlex Short-Term Care Product Announcement!

Exciting News! Introducing the new OmniFlex Short-Term Care Insurance from ManhattanLife, underwritten by Standard Life and Casualty! This new option can add value to your portfolio, helping you serve even more Americans. Here are some of the highlights:
• Simple two-tiered underwriting
• Fast-50 cash benefit feature
• Built-in $300/year Rx benefit
• 10% spousal discount
• Hospice benefits covering home & facility
Watch Tom Randall’s short, introductory video for more information:


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