Omaha’s Field Assistance Center Can Help

We’re very excited to be in the midst of our busiest time for Med supp new business. All of our business areas are ready to go – especially our Underwriting area. As application volume spikes significantly, including with our e-Application tool, there may be times in which your office and/or agents are having technical difficulties with our technologies (i.e. logging in to SPA, quotes, e-Apps, case status, etc.).

If you find this to be the situation, we ask that you please call our Field Assistance Center (FAC). They are open 24/7 – including weekends. Calling them is the fastest way to resolve the issue at hand as they will send out a page to the supporting technical team at Mutual of Omaha. The FAC will also call back when the issue is resolved.

The number for the Field Assistance Center is: 1-800-847-9785

Thank you for your cooperation.

Field Assistance Center Can Help