“Ohio House delays Medicaid changes for long-term care patients,” by Jackie Borchardt, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Ohio’s nursing homes prevailed in the first round of state budget wrangling. When House Republicans this week revised the state budget bill, they yanked Gov. John Kasich’s plan to move all long-term care Medicaid patients to managed care plans next year. The budget amendment blocks such a move until 2021, which was suggested by nursing homes, assisted living facilities, area agencies on aging and other groups working with long-term care patients. Their main concern: A pilot program that includes some of these patients has had problems and the administration hasn’t shown it would work well for all long-term patients, many of which require extensive care.”

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):
The nationwide trend to turn over long-term care responsibility for vulnerable dual eligibles has worried senior advocates and perplexed providers while arguably saving Medicaid millions. It seems have hit a road block in Ohio.

Ohio House delays Medicaid changes for long-term care patients