NGL: New Electronic App Kits Available

Wonderful news! Your application kits are now available bundled in an all-inclusive, easy-to-use electronic package!

With the new electronic application kits, you will be able to:

  • Easily view and fill out application forms with clients on your computer, laptop or other device;
  • Collect e-Signatures on these forms, for you and clients; and, then
  • You are able to print all the completed forms with one click instead of having to download and print each form separately!

NGL-Electronic-Application-Kits image* If you choose to email an application kit to a client, please remember:

For security reasons, applications which have been completed and contain personal data should never be emailed. Although it is safe to email empty forms to clients, clients should print and then fax or mail completed applications to protect their personal information. You should also fax or mail applications containing personal data when submitting applications for issuance.

In the near future, NGL will have the capability for you to securely electronically complete and submit applications for issuance. This Electronic Application Kit link brings us one step closer to this capability. Familiarizing yourself with these electronic kits now is an excellent way to prepare for the switch to convenient electronic application submission!

The link to your electronic application kits is located on the right-hand side of your home page.

If you have questions about the new electronic application kits, please contact your dedicated Life Product Support Team at 800.762.9883 or at

Thank you!