Newly Updated Pre-Underwriting Inquiry Form

OneAmerica Updated Pre-Screen FormTo facilitate the smoothest possible underwriting process for both you and your clients, it’s essential to conduct a thorough health prescreening. We are happy to announce the release of our newly updated Pre-Underwriting Inquiry form, which not only increases efficiency, but also ensures that we secure the best possible outcomes for all involved.

This information can be sent directly to our underwriting team (, who will review and respond within 4 business hours. They will also let you know what products the clients are eligible for and what additional underwriting requirements can be expected. Please copy Heather and I in on your email if you’d like help deciding the best path for your clients!

And, if you have been wanting to incorporate more LTCi in your business but weren’t sure where to start, or if you just need a refresher, OneAmerica will be covering both the life insurance and annuity chassis in 2 different 30-minute webinars offered throughout the remainder of the first quarter. Specific dates and times are listed on the registration screens.

Asset Care: Life-Based LTC

  • Overview of Asset Based LTC
  • Asset Care Single Premium & Return of Premium
  • Asset Care: Annuity Funding Whole Life (IRA’s, 401k’s, etc.)
  • Asset Care Recurring Premium

Annuity Care: Annuity-Based LTC

  • Overview of Pension Protection Act & Annuity based LTC
  • Annuity Care (Issues Age to 85)
  • Annuity Care II (Issues age to 80)
  • Indexed Annuity Care (Issues ages to 85)