New LTC Wellness Program

Better Living Longer is an Aging-in-Place Platform that connects millions of families with transformative services they may need in or around their homes.

What’s Included in the Helper Bees Program?

  • Educational resource library with information on preventive care tips, fall prevention, vision care, health & fitness programs with many other articles.

It also provides policyholders with a variety of in-home services.

  • Linking them with vetted providers that allows policyholders to explore and purchase services, home accommodations, errand running, transportation, meal service, along with several other options.

When Will The Helper Bees be Available?
The program will be available on the customer access portal beginning on June 28, 2023.

Who is eligible?
As a Mutual of Omaha long-term care policyholder, your clients can access The Helper Bee’s portal when they sign into their Customer Access online portal.

  • They simply click on “Helper Bees” and it will redirect them to The Helper Bees web page. The customer information will be pre-populated into the Helper Bees site as part of the single sign on process.

New LTC Wellness Program