New GTL e-App Upgrades | Password Reset Feature

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GTL E-APP Upgrades

You may have noticed a few visual changes on GTL’s
e-App and Agent Portal login screens…these are the first
steps toward a new and improved Agent Portal with
better functionality!

We’ve also introduced a more secure
and simple way to reset your password!

Visit the Agent Portal

In the event that you need to, here are
a few easy steps on how to reset your
GTL Agent Portal password:

GTL e-App Update image 1

On the Agent Login screen,
click on Forgot My Password.


GTL e-App Update image 2

Type in your Username and Agent Number
and click Enter.


GTL e-App Update image 3

Your one-time reset code can be sent via email,
text or by phone call to the information on file.
Choose the best option for you and click the
Send Reset Code button.

Please note: If these options are not available for
you, please contact GTL Sales Support at
800-323-6907 for further assistance


GTL e-App Update image 4

Enter the PIN you received from your selected
option and then tap Submit.

You have the option to resend the code or go
back to choose a different method.


GTL e-App Update image 5

Follow the password requirements and enter
your new password and click Confirm New


GTL e-App Update image 6

You will receive a confirmation message once
the password has been reset. Please log in again
using your new password



If you have any questions, contact GTL’s Sales Support with any questions by texting or calling (800) 323-6907, or email