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Coming Soon: New Application Requirements

Beginning April 1, 2024, you will be required to provide the Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for all new Health and Final Expense insurance applicants. This requirement will help streamline the application process by improving instant-decisioning and straight-through processing. SSNs and ITINs are a reliable and universal way to verify a person’s identity and will allow us to determine if someone already has coverage while reducing the number of duplicate accounts. We’ll also be able to properly identify household discount allocation for customers with multiple policies and verify coverage threshold.

Start Securing Short-Term Care Sales

Wellabe’s Short-term Care insurance expanded to 24 states on March 1, 2024. This new product not only helps clients be well protected from unexpected health situations that could require them to receive care in their homes or in a facility, but it also provides you with competitive commissions and incentives.

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Make selling Short-term Care insurance a breeze

To help you get started selling more Short-term Care policies, we offer sales and marketing tools on the agent portal.

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