Mutual of Omaha’s LTCi Case Managers

Every long-term care case that is submitted to Mutual of Omaha is assigned to a case manager. This person is charged with gathering all of the material necessary for an underwriter to make a decision. The case manager is responsible for making sure the application is in good order. They monitor the retrieval of medical records and the phone interview/face-to-fcae interview. They are your resource for cases that are in underwriting review.

There have been some recent personnel changes within the case management teams that we want to bring to your attention. Ester Evans and Anita Jones are no longer in this department. Please refrain from sending either of them email inquiries. They are still with Mutual of Omaha but in different capacities.

The case managers who you will be interacting with are:

Derek Goodwin- in training
Phone: 402-351-7791

Kris McPeake
Phone: 402-351-7813

Lisa Wheeler
Phone: 402-351-6843

Kathren (Katie) Thomas
Phone: 402-351-4355

If you have any questions about the case management process, please call GoldenCare at 800-842-7799. Thank You!