Mutual of Omaha


For more than a century, Mutual of Omaha has been committed to helping customers through life’s transitions by providing an array of insurance, financial and banking products. Read More


Products Offered

Long-Term Care
Critical Illness
Disability Income
Life Insurance
Linked Benefit/Hybrid
Medicare Supp./Adv.

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care

MutualCare Custom Solutions

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GoldenCare is proud to have helped in the design of our premier Long-Term Care product, MutualCare Custom Solution.

This product is very competitively priced and has all the benefits & features needed to allow you to design a plan that fits each of your clients’ individual needs and budgets. Read More

*Availability & Benefits May Vary by State. For Agent Use Only – See Carrier Product Literature for Full Details.

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MutualCare Secure Solutions

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The MutualCare Secure Solution product offers a simpler, more traditional LTCi design with a bit less flexibility than its sister product Custom Solution.

This product is very competitively priced and offers the following format for its base design*: Read More

Critical Illness

Critical Illness Product Name

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