Mutual Income Solutions Illustration Update

Mutual of Omaha is excited to announce that we now offer a more robust Mutual Income Solutions illustration. Some highlights for the new illustration include:

  • Explains the value of having a customized Mutual Income Solutions policy
  • Provides clients with detailed explanations of each of the various benefits selected in their customized quote
  • Dynamically adjusts to show the client’s customized solution
  • Provides you with flexibility to show or not show certain sections of the illustration
  • Both digital and print friendly

Effective March 16th, you can now access our improved illustration when you complete a quote in the Mutual Income Solutions dashboard. Visit to access the dashboard.

Note: This enhancement is currently available in all states except Georgia, Mississippi, New Mexico, New Jersey, and West Virginia.

Mutual of Omaha’s disability income insurance product, Mutual Income Solutions, is a product that we stand behind and believe in its power to provide income protection to clients.

We heard and understood the feedback and appreciate you and your business. We will continually strive to enhance our sales tools and our diverse portfolio, so we remain competitive.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Sales Director or Account Executive.

Mutual Income Solutions Illustration Update