Minnesota Tops New AARP Long-Term Care Scorecard; Other States Lag Behind,” by Bruce Horovitz, AARP


Policy Suggestions

“At issue: The long-term care system has mostly failed to rebound even more than three years after COVID-19 began. This is the first LTSS Scorecard that crunches data — using a variety of publicly available sources, such as the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and the Bureau of Labor Statistics — from the very height of the pandemic and beyond. Even as the cost of home care has greatly increased, the availability and quality of direct care workers have suffered, the report concludes.”


LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

You can click through to see where your state ranks. What a mess government has made of long-term care. Watch for “Long-Term Care: The Solution” coming from the Paragon Health Institute October 2.