Medicare Supplement News – Omaha Family of Companies

WI Outline Correction
The new Wisconsin United World outline effective June 3, 2017, contained incorrect rates for the male non-tobacco – Part B Excess Rider (OPC4W) on page 15. Also the Part B Copay/Coinsurance Rider (0PC5W) premium now appears as a negative number to reflect that this is a premium reduction. These corrections have been made to the outline.

Upcoming Medicare Supplement Rate Adjustments
Please review the upcoming Medicare supplement rate adjustments in: GA, IA, IN, NY, OK, OR, and VA.
•  Modernized Rate Adjustment – VA and NY
•  Modernized In-force Only Rate Adjustment – GA
•  Standardized Rate Adjustment – IA, IN, GA, OK, OR, and NY
•  Plan N Rate Adjustment – GA and NY