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Medicare Supplement:

Heads Up – Broker Bonus 2024
Learn how writing Mutual of Omaha Med supp business can earn you some easy cash back into your pocket.
Rhode Island New Special Guaranteed Issue Right
New Guaranteed Issue Right is available in Rhode Island for individuals with Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plans.
In Case You Missed It: Cross-selling with Medicare Advantage Plans
Learn how to cross-sell Wellcare and Mutual of Omaha co-branded (PPO) plans.
Updated Regulations for Mississippi
Effective July 1, 2024, Mississippi will implement new regulations regarding the sale of Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage products.
Learn More About Consumer-Facing Website Links (PURLs) – May Webinar
Learn more about new personalized consumer-facing e-applications.


Enhanced Dental Benefits Added in Washington
We have exciting news-new dental enhancements benefits have been added in Washington.

Prescription Drug Plans:

Handling Questions from PDP Customers
Members will be notified of plan changes for 2025 at the beginning of October.