Maximize AEP Sales Efforts With True Freedom’s Incentive

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This AEP, take a second bite at the apple!

Maximize this AEP Season by taking a second bite at the apple.

Earn an additional $100* Cash Bonus per Plan Enrollment!

Help your clients put a plan in place for their future home care needs for less than $3.00** per day!

Every issued True Freedom Enrollment earns you a $100* Cash Bonus, paid in addition to commission!

Incentive Starts 9/9/2022 to 12/31/2022

True Freedom Plans Offer The Following Features:

* $100 Cash bonus paid to every True Freedom enrollment placed. Bonus will be charged back on cancelled and fully refunded enrollment.
** Calculation based on a Monthly Bronze plan with Partner Discount, $85.50 divided by 30 days.

Remember, True Freedom Plan online enrollments are a breeze! Access the online enrollment site here: