Manhattan Life: Rate Adjustment for West Virginia

Manhattan Life Delivers Again in West Virginia!

We are pleased to announce that effective May 1, 2017, Manhattan Life is implementing a 6% rate decrease on Plan G and a 3% rate decrease on Plan N in West Virginia. Plans A, C and F will experience a 5% increase. The effective date for these rate adjustments is May 1, 2017.

7% Household Discount has been added in West Virginia!

In addition to rate decreases on Plans G and N, any applicant that is married or living with another adult age 60 or over for the last 12 months will be eligible to apply for the 7% household discount. The spouse or other adult living in the household with the applicant does not have to apply or have coverage. Please note, existing policyholders must reapply for coverage in order to be considered for the discount, and they may not reapply for the same plan. See the Agent Guide for complete details regarding the household discount.

Please refer to the points below to determine which rates should be applied for new applications:

  • All Medicare Supplement applications signed prior to  May 1, 2017 will receive the current 7-1-16 rates.
  • Any Medicare Supplement application effective May 1, 2017 and later will receive the new 5-1-17 rates.
  • Any Medicare Supplement application re-dated after  May 1, 2017 will receive the new 5-1-17 rates.

Summary of this information:

Effective Date Applicable Rates

Before May 1, 2017

7-1-16 Rates

May 1, 2017 or after

5-1-17 Rates

Re-dated May 1, 2017 or after

5-1-17 Rates


Click HERE for new rates.

With the new, lower rates on plans G and N, make sure you take advantage of our Agent Marketing Allowance Program with Manhattan Life. Receive up to $125 on each underwritten case when you have issued 4 or more cases in any calendar month. For complete details and official rules regarding the Agent Marketing Allowance Program click here.

No company does it better in the Medicare Supplement market than Manhattan Life!

  • Great rate stability.
  • Accessible, knowledgeable and friendly home office staff.
  • eApp that agents love.
  • Years of experience in the Medicare Supplement market.

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Rate Adjustment for West Virginia

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